Sunday, November 22, 2009


Swallowin' myrrh's sap.

"A product of elementary chains of experience [a life ritual, a sanatorium]. Alongside the purging of painting of its secondary elements [projections] comes a growing awareness, whose character, with reference to the physical presence of the individual is recognized as aesthetically pre-formed [constricted, disfigured, marred]. The bipolar psyche and the monistic reason."
...A withdrawal treatment...

"The concept of man is heightened towards the apollonian."

So much rain right now. There's this half bone infection here in my mouth maybe. Cleavers are too sweet. I went outside minutes, soaked and cold, got some rust on my neck from this Lapis Lazuli. Staunch Patina.
Wish it could rain every night in this way. Wish I could give it some more thunder though. Our windows are painted shut in this house.

The hip of a hoof that can curl.


The drama of the drilled tongue.


"A young girl with bleached white hair and wearing a white dress, white stockings and shoes drinks down a glass of white liquid--First Movement,
Second Movement--She drinks down a glass of bright red liquid,
Third Movement--She drinks down a glass of dark violet liquid,
Fourth--She kneels down on the floor and vomits into a bowl with the aid of a chicken feather.



Trampling on [vomiting out] the one
The woman who is swallowed
the burning house (+eagle)
the river that is swallowed
the plunge into the water


Very bright, very clear, in the badlands. Being driven. Black, wet funnels came out of the sky, not out of a cloud, out of this blue. Three funnels, one far, one close and large, one in a canyon. The funnel closest took the sound out of broad daylight. It picked me up and pushed me back down into the dirt. I was in four pieces that were neat, but I was still sticky, my tongue was ripped up I bit it, I wasn't alive but I could watch the funnel move over me and away and off.

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