Friday, December 18, 2009


leuh said...

oooo wow what is this from? did you scan this from a book?

Millineries said...

These kill me. I found these images, first, in a book (but they were very small) and then again through ArtStor online. They're Rudolf Schwarzkogler. Been obsessing over him for the last few months.
Really liked your last entry by the way.

leuh said...

i was just going through ur archives .. i remembered i really liked these

i have a book about gunter brus who was a vienna actionist painter as well and its clear that these two guys were working together or something.

ive had this photo on my frige for a while now - by brus that i ripped out of my book which i just scanned last week, i just blogged it so u can see it,

its funny the gesture of it is very much like your photos of the girl and the paint in the tin bathtub