Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For Pierre Guyotat


leuh said...


should i assume you know the Story of the Eye by george batille?

if you dont.. i think you should read it

magick mike said...


have you read benderson's translation of the first 20 pages of prostitution? It's fucking great, and I wish he would have just done the whole thing (it's a cheap book from red dirt press-- it's also actually available on amazon)

Millineries said...

Leuh: I read Story of Eye two years ago in the front lawn of my community college and felt like everyone could tell I was reading something real pornographic for some reason. It was weird. Anyway, I really liked the Red Cardinal portions the most. I got a little lost around the bull testicle parts, enjoyed his use of objects a whole lot. The eggs especially.

Mike: I haven't read it. I will look on Amazon. Have you read "Tomb for 500,000 Soldiers"? This is the excerpt that inspired the photo:
"Buy me, buy me or I will die torn to pieces. Yesterday they seized me and sewed me inside the horsehair of a mattress, cutting a hole in the cloth at the place of my thighs, choking inside the horsehair, eyes pricked by sweat and the cloth, around the hole, blackens and sticks to my belly. I can't see them"

magick mike said...

I picked up the reissue a month or two ago but haven't gotten around to reading it yet (I have [own] enough [unread] books to last like 4 years yet I still check out 5 books from the damn library every week).

Also: the esotika blog rarely/if ever gets updated, i'm slightly more active at (though that's mostly "theory" shit) and livejournal (of course)

radioisfree said...

when i fall
i break things
and the parts