Thursday, January 7, 2010


A place where copper blooms and cuts.

Irritating chore, have to immolate this thrall. Shallow hole but wrapped. An erotic death, embraced by nine daughters below. Whether Chthonic or Norse; an offered drinking horn in closings. One cut left tendon, attempt. A restraint in the tightening of the middled spine, makes mouth water like an embittered seed. Mussed suckling from a cavity that can cramp.

Playing those salsa songs on her recorder that is see through and a green color. I gave her a penny just to make fun of her.

Wanna be on your team only if it's red. Peroxide in my hair and Mom just said, she said I dyed it slut yellow.
This guy he had these knee boots that were black and had those laces. But he wore them on the wrong feet. I was laughing but scared because this man had muscles and he looked like he'd take it to my throat. So I just sit there with my head in between my legs on a bench so he won't see it.

Taking circe. Drugged lion, can fit neatly near underarm. Tempered with Moly, black root and white petal. Still, a hanging hog with missing teeth. Something anticholinergic, this myoclonic twitch. Applause as poison. And men can eat these cattle nearly whole.

He had these white strands hanging down from the face, older spit. He was next to me he smelled like some kind of head polish. He made a sound like some runt and his cheeks puffed out big like one of those fish. This water was coming down his face. When the bus stopped he got off and opened his mouth I thought he was just sneezing maybe but then all this white puke came out of it. I guess he was just holding this in.

Sealed tassling.

Some midwife that hides a child. Guise of a she-dog. Some red mullet, enduring, by the feet and now stepped on. A hugging crag. Rapped down, dead and donned like a pup.

Astigmatism of the loins. Drawing skin off the skull, burned down into the opposite, some ode to the firsts of the homunculus. A baptismal font at the geese grazing grounds, a place where copper blooms and cuts.

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radioisfree said...

and i've probed
the folds
with no protection
felt the working
man's heat
while guarding