Thursday, February 4, 2010


A burgeoning sheep's fescue. Burning salt in ash heap. Present hands to be struck, or struck barren. A flossing under fingernails.
Molk newborns lined against Tanit's ribcage, ten can fit neatly in Baal Hammon's ear. And enough bone to lay a bridge.

Winnows with a sieve, pull out punctured clove. Bitumen from a dying sea packed down into the hole of the raw jaw.

Hung in honey, waiting on a wall that wails. Bees found their way through navel first.

Fortify, be deep, a copious water.

Denied laughing while inbred Moabite washed feet. Takes widows ox for a pledge.

Horn in well.

The swell in an unlined hip, can sew a liar's hand to his torso. Covered by cloth during forced pilgrimage, bled through, given away.

Steer in a dyed shore of brambles, fraught with a jerk that will cauterize down to breath.

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