Friday, February 12, 2010

L'homme qui ment [1968]


Anonymous said...

Your new project is wonderful; intelligent and sensuous combining the ideas of barthes and others is wonderful. by the way, so as not to be confused with the other 'anonymous' person who left comments my nameis Liam.
I left you a link the other day but it was taken down _ for some reason or other by photobucket. Strange are the ways of those people

It was the one of the 'virgin mother with her gown open disclosing a more traditional ikon of mother and jc. I found it on a dada website backdated a ways back

It's also impressive to see how you using some of the newer layout formatting in blogger com. I really can't say enough in such a short space about the beauty and interest of the things you are posting. In any case, there it is, or as Jack Kerouac might have said:

In any case the moon!

_______have a grand day


Millineries said...

I am glad it is making sense, I keep wondering if it's just like encountering gibberish. Thank you Liam.