Wednesday, February 10, 2010


leuh said...

ahhhhhh im loooveinggg this
dying over this i need to know what all this is

Millineries said...

Alain Robbe-Grillet's film, "The Progressive Slidings of Pleasure" It was kind of hard to find this film through some torrent site? I don't know, Rusty was able to find it because I am really bad with computers. But you can see Eden and After on Google Video, it's pretty nice quality too:

Here is another part from his interview relating to the body painting stills:

"Anicee responds to the nun's admonishment about her body painting with the question, "Perhaps, sister, you don't like modern art?" What is the relationship of Anicee's character to art? She seems both to imitate and challenge modern art. She appears to imitate the Anthropometries of Klein, for example, but it is always the color red rather than "Klein blue" that she uses.
Because red is the color of blood in the film, and blue is the color of the sky. Klein is obsessed with the sky in his first paintings. But that young girl certainly does not know Klein. She has fun with the paint, and you must not forget that her interlocutor is a nun, and the question of imprints is an important one in religion. She ends up by giving her a red cloth, saying, Here is Veronica's veil."
For me it was simply a nod at Klein..."