Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Mead-paw, widebraw. Micah hook in the tongue.
Laying eggs on a knee.
Blind daughter gives birth to nine sons, nine diseases.

Brace made out of a pike's jaw.

"Yeah. Well, what I like most about him are how beautiful his eyes are. They're blue or brown or something."

Your fingernails are still filthy. You're all I've got.

Oxen of the Sun.

Deshil Holles Eamus. Deshil Holles Eamus. Deshil Holles Eamus.

Vests in cope and stole. Out of the tabernacle into the monstrance. Followed by versicle, censing and response.

Humeral veil, not really covering, turn our head to get away in the other direction.

Melanodactylism, affliction from Greece, given to Egypt.

In Paragraphs:
I-X:Intercourse and Conception.
X-L: Forty Weeks of Gestation in Human Development.
L-LX: Birth. The horrible child.

Hogs, swells and bells.

Two lions digging a grave for the sinner saint.
Nepuphar packed into the jowls.

Limbs in twenty five places, collected by the small girl.
Belly is a black hay, tits thrown over the back, hide matted fur with ropes.

Dish: Hunger
Knife: Famine
Sheet: Sick Bed
Curtain: Gleaming-Bale

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