Sunday, February 28, 2010


A Roman lake.

Nika; a bear trainer well versed in Miaphysitism.

Two in One, move to, "tres Personae, una Substantia"

Ocean adopting a drop of vinegar.


Scabies in underarm.
No head, mouths and eyes located in the breast plate. Indwell, in-sand.
Misshapen like a horseshoe.

Wearing scalps as a choker. A matted bib.

Solar lion-like divinity.

Cross covered in pearls.

The boneless.
Blood eagle, on mother and brother.
Salt lightly sprinkled into the lung wings.

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Anonymous said...

Critical distance is a relation based on matters
of expression. It is a question of keeping at a distance the forces of
chaos knocking at the door. Mannerism: the ethos is both abode and manner,
homeland and style. This is evident in territorial dances termed
baroque or mannerist, in which each pose, each movement, establishes a
distance of this kind (sarabands, allemandes, bourrees, gavottes.. .).16
There is a whole art of poses, postures, silhouettes, steps, and voices. Two
schizophrenics converse or stroll according to laws of boundary and territory
that may escape us. How very important it is, when chaos threatens, to
draw an inflatable, portable territory. If need be, I'll put my territory on my
own body, I'll territorialize my body: the house of the tortoise, the hermitage
of the crab, but also tattoos that make the body a territory.