Saturday, February 13, 2010


Burin. A drypoint.
The milk sibling, drunk. Merrhoe in a river, can rub a plague out of the chest.
Bonneted Grandma faints, heard a silk sleeve when she touched the plant, did not pay attention. Give it to this rat, three leaves, poison for poison;
Mucgwyrt, Attorlaðe, Wegbrade, Mægðe, Stune, Stiðe, Betony this Lamb's Cress, Wergulu, Fille, last Finule.

Tail feast.
From punt washed in hottentot apron.
A Beati body that refuses to rot.

Theresa of Avila holding a seraph's spear in her entrails. Gave the Odour of sanctity to ten lacemakers.
Spell of strangulation in bare feet.
A stream of goat's milk in the Diktaean cave.

Chrism, coating quills with a froth. Ink water and lion fat crowding cheeks.
Filling a rhyton, or waiting for it to fill itself.

Seven apertures share the common source.
Bit the frozen boot to soften it.
Stone in between the temples of the forehead, cupped, a clogging.
A blood colored barley in the fields.

Liver trapped in a watering hole, carving letters into it.
Funeral wreath; the teeth, straw, wire we barbed, black sage and mountain mahogany, a drought in the tying ends. Worn but we bled on the flowers, walked the hill.

Lamp and axe; this pelvic quake.
Hippocras in the 89th child for Barron, aid of braquemard,
Ashes to the moat. Hen eggshells purified in the belly of a horse. A storing.

The rack that separates duodenum from pylorus.
Acidizing a brine, bleak pour, sinking, pneumatic.

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