Wednesday, March 3, 2010


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faces appear on the wall, with their holes; sometimes they appear in the
hole, with their linearized, rolled-up wall. A horror story, the face is a horror
story. It is certain that the signifier does not construct the wall that it
needs all by itself; it is certain that subjectivity does not dig its hole all
alone. Concrete faces cannot be assumed to come ready-made. They are
engendered by an abstract machine of faciality (visageite), which produces
them at the same time as it gives the signifier its white wall and subjectivity
its black hole. Thus the black hole/white wall system is, to begin with, not a
face but the abstract machine that produces faces according to the changeable
combinations of its cogwheels. Do not expect the abstract machine to
resemble what it produces, or will produce.