Tuesday, March 2, 2010


An empty cartouche, waiting.
Braiding aspen tree roots, leaving the end of it, in the water.

Keyhole crowded with three teeth.
Blue rose tea.

In a needle, that is inside of an egg, in the belly of a duck that is packed into the head of a hare, in a crystal chest, buried under a green Oak tree, on a small track of land in the ocean.

Drooling near the lichgate.

A deaf symphony.

Stupid Ludmilla painted and foaming.

A sulphur stuffed sheep.
Walks on two black hooves.

Even if one hair gets plucked.


Nina Hartmann said...

hey i don't have your phone number anymore. im coming to sxsw, you should email me . brokenbicycles@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Now the face has a correlate of great
importance: the landscape, which is not just a milieu but a
deterritorialized world. There are a number of face-landscape correlations,
on this "higher" level. Christian education exerts spiritual control over
both faciality and landscapity (paysageit'e): Compose them both, color
them in, complete them, arrange them according to a complementarity
linking landscapes to faces. Face and landscape manuals formed a
pedagogy, a strict discipline, and were an inspiration to the arts as much as
the arts were an inspiration to them.