Wednesday, April 7, 2010


BORN by Mikaylah Bowman from rusty kelley on Vimeo.

August 2009

I was trying so hard to be quiet. It didn't work.


Anonymous said...

it might make more sense if you were nude in this. what do you think?

Millineries said...

A lot of people ask me why I won't utilize nudity, I think I have only three public photos involving nudity. There's still a protectiveness I'm dealing with in that regard. I am still figuring out the core of ideas, the nudity would be secondary.
I generally try to avoid nudity as much as possible, so that other portions of the images are paid more attention.
I also wanted the awkwardness of messing with straps, pulling fabric up and down, this preoccupation with staying covered while flailing.

Anonymous said...

I can understand that, although I think the nude form would complement the surroundings really well.. at least better than that bathing suit. I do agree that it was awkward; the pulling on the straps and fabric, etc, but it was distracting and didn't feel cohesive. I only bring this all up because I liked it so much and I hope you keep going with all of it and maybe find different ways to execute the idea.

K. said...

I like that you aren't nude - being "born" implies being ensnared and covered, there is a raw struggle. I appreciate that.