Friday, December 10, 2010


Tinted posture.
A miniature. A miniature.

Christian alley. Lamb up a ladder. Venerated for a lie.

Jenny's in this corner and got skin torn off by a popsicle and it's cherry but got cream inside, she sticks it down onto her lip it gets stuck, caught burn, and pulls the bottom lip down, tore off skin. thats. mealier.
White skin froze onto red ice. Can't tell difference between blood and sicle though.

Sleep found a way into the pit. Churchmouse might die.

Want to tickle fight? Water coming out of the nose in front of a 12" tv, static and, back of wet head pulled onto the bed, a large hand tucking the small skull behind it, licking outside of the mouth. Want to tickle fight?

Chosen, that temperance.

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Sasha Fay said...

I really enjoy the way you write.