Saturday, January 22, 2011

Corderito Manso

"1 Manso Lamb Perfume
1 red pepper
1 Parchment
1 Red Candle.
We will open the pepper in the top, removing the seed the "hat", written on parchment 3 times the name of the person in a horizontal direction. Fold the parchment 3 times and enter into the pepper, add 3 tablespoons of sugar, saying, "There is a scroll what you sweeten it is the spirit alive, opinion, thought and will ......." Add 3 tablespoons Manso lamb saying, "There is a scroll with the perfume that calms the spirit alive, opinion, thought and will .......". then proceed to cover the peppers with the side cut" cap " and wrap in foil and place in the "Frieze", the fridge freezer. To complete the ritual will light a red candle or beeswax, we will advance the yoked with a little gentle lamb, the offer to the Parent Spirit saying "I conjure you ..... in the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, with this spell, you reconjuro, will come into my hands, as Manso Lamb filled with love and attention to me" "

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