Monday, June 13, 2011

I know.


Anonymous said...

surgery lessens, sore eye

"it's important to conjugate and qualify your emotions, to delimit them as moments, otherwise they develop momentous implications that outlast their original significance."

Millineries said...

Yeah. I am just mud wrestling with myself lately, time to move beyond myself a little bit.
Will you tell me who you are so I can keep learning from you?

carolyn said...

It's a sticky pit, we feel like Damocles anticipating the slit.

I'm Carolyn, a bit of a secret admirer (pulsatilla blonde).

VANADIS said...


Pulsatilla blonde, I am a Phosphorus patient too, but I'm dark.

Damocles... but I'm like one of his chronic adsentatores, the way I hang onto the folks who are making the new words, finely finished mouth pottery.

Will you e-mail me and tell me some things? Maybe about your life? (If you ever feel like it, I feel like you're already weavin' something so beautiful in here.)

Millineries said...

That was me.

carolyn said...

Phōs-phérō, the bearer of light. But phosphorus turns one per centum of the body whole, yours is a constitution his disregarding stare would regret. Too much testosterone, no man-kind.

I'd like that, thank you. You have a substantial spirit, such a pleasure to read of, and on the tips of all the wicks and matches.

Anonymous said...

is tick worth reading?