Saturday, December 26, 2015


Too much unwarranted kindness can only read as insanity. 
I am a fool. I am going to say. I am a fool. I am going to say. Just because I'm a fool it is no longer going to keep me from saying. Here I come. 

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casey said...

Wow, I try not to put aesthetic in a sentence, out loud or in writing, mainly because I cannot pronounce it correctly, but also because I feel it leaves a coat of soap-glycerin-feeling artificial film on a surface of a compliment I tried to dispose from a kinder place. although, I must say the first thing that comes to mind when finding your blog is that word. simply, the curation of literature, and photos, is enough to quench my curiosity for knowing about things other people know so much about. I'm not sure exactly what is yours, but some form of passion you have is the high gloss of this blog, or the worn-in feeling, especially that of a familiar smell (I tend to feel comfortable with the must of garages or cellars). Anyways to make my long-winded reply simpler, I do enjoy your writing and your blog presence and if it isn't odd to say--as someone said this to me recently and I nearly jumped out of my seat to test it's realness--I'm quite happy to be alive at the same time as you.

happy holidays and new year,