Wednesday, February 10, 2016


"Will the machines run so badly, their component pieces fall apart to such a
point that they will return to nothingness and thus allow us to return to
nothingness? It would seem, however, that the flows of energy are still
too closely connected, the partial objects still too organic, for this to
happen. What would be required is a pure fluid in a free state, flowing
without interruption, streaming over the surface of a full body.
Desiring-machines make us an organism; but at the very heart of this
production, within the very production of this production, the body
suffers from being organized in this way, from not having some other
sort of organization, or no organization at all. "An incomprehensible,
absolutely rigid stasis" in the very midst of process, as a third stage: "No
mouth. No tongue. No teeth . No laryn x. No es ophagus. No belly. N o
anus." The automata stop dead and set free the unorganized mass they
once served to articulate. The full body without organs is the
unproductive, the sterile, the unengendered, the unconsumable. Antonin
Artaud discovered this one day, finding himself with no shape or form
whatsoever, right there where he was at that moment. The death
instinct: that is its name, and death is not without a model. For desire
desires death also, because the full body of death is its motor, just as it
desires life, because the organs of life are the working machine. We shall
not inquire how all this fits together so that the machine will run: the
question itself is the result of a process of abstraction..."


"...Attraction and repulsion produce intense nervous states that fill up the body without organs to varying degrees. The breasts on the judge's naked torso are neither delirious nor hallucinatory phenomena: they designate, first of all, a band of intensity, a zone of intensity on his body without organs. The body without organs is an egg: it is crisscrossed with axes and thresholds, with latitudes and longitudes and geodesic lines, traversed by gradients, marking the transitions and the becomings, the destinations of the subject developing along these particular vectors. Nothing here is representative; rather, it is all life and lived experience: the actual, lived emotion of having breasts does not resemble breasts, it does not represent them, any more than a predestined zone in the egg resembles the organ that it is going to be stimulated to produce within itself. Nothing but bands of intensity, potentials, thresholds, and gradients."


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it scares me sometimes how the majority of people in charge were born without womb, know nothing of carrying or expelling or expecting blood : a child.

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