Thursday, February 11, 2016


Reading / avoidant behavior is the only thing keeping me nominally sane right now.

I hope it keeps working.

A boy came into the shop today and told me about the erection of a 10,000 year clock, in west Texas, that will chime once  a year.

Going to use the thought to fall asleep to. 

Pornography has been really ruinous to my sexual imagination. I used to construct sexual environments.

I know most people around me, close to me, talk about it as being liberating and/or largely innocuous. That it is normative and healthy for us to ingest. But I think it has been pretty bad for me.

Can you respond anonymously and tell me what you fantasize about when you're jerking off.

Or, are you as pathetic as me

Do you shut your eyes tight & cycle through snippets of memories of images of near-clinical penetration

Try to hold onto it long enough to cum. 


Anonymous said...

sounds like a betty tompkins painting

Anonymous said...

the ex that doesn't love me anymore

Anonymous said...

my lover lays me on my stomach and she starts spanking me and in between kissing my back she lays me over her lap and fingers me hard and gently keeps adding kisses to my sore behind asking me if it felt good telling me i'm beautiful..that always helps me

Anonymous said...

neck being held onto just the right way, the position of my body the right amount of taut and able to receive, hearing the breath of someone else change and get fast, feeling the temp of their body get warmer, hot glowing pink color

Anonymous said...

The sounds of a Berlin lover.