Tuesday, March 29, 2016


"The habit of the Sisters Adorers of the Precious Blood:

--Buttons on cape / Seven Last Words.
--Belt & sash / chastity and Precious Blood and cords used to bind Jesus at scourging.
--Vile / Contempt for the world and reminds us of Veronica's veil.
--Tassels on shorter piece of Sash / Seven Bloody Sheddings.
--Tassels (lower) / Seven Sorrows of Mary
--Chain bound link to link / our unending fealty to Christ.
--Heart / source of the Divine Blood and the indissoluble union of Jesus and the Bride and reminds us of infinite love of God
--Cross surmounting heart / our lot here is to bear the cross in order that the crown may be ours in Heaven.
--Wimple and coronet / Crown of Thorns.
--Peaked coronet / direct thought upward.
--Habit / signifies poverty and reminds sisters of purple garment of mockery that Jesus wore.
--Cape / virginal modesty.
--Collar / yoke of religious life & reminds us that Jesus carried the sins of men on his shoulders. Three buttons signify the three nails.
--Frill /  obedience & reminds us of the crown of thorns. The hairband signifies modesty of the eyes and reminds us of the cloth used to blindfold Jesus.
--Mantle / the hidden life of a religious and the hidden life of Jesus in the tabernacle."

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