Sunday, March 6, 2016



Mine is cluttered /suckling at junk / vellum-mylar-heavy "rose" scented pink / purpling detergent KURGO harness / melon eyeshadow / mink lipstick / distracting-washing-pushing out would-be vision with borrowed sound it came on a jump drive bearing KINGSTON /

"How often have our bodies molested us? We should mortify them in return."

St. Teresa ov Avila instructing nuns to push plant stems, entire branches down the throat to the stomach.

"Were man and the earth in perfect harmony, there would be paradise here below. Prayer governs the weather . . . I see the life of nature intimately connected with that of the soul."

Santo Nino de Atocha looking down on miners.

"From the lips of those that pray I see a chain of words issuing like a fiery stream and mounting up to God, and in them I see the disposition of the one who prays, I read everything. The writing is as varied as the individuals themselves."

Throw in that towel.

ieiunum. In the Western world why don't we help anorexic girls. Instead of pathologizing them, the lie that it is all noise for "control" in a supposed [at best, mildly] chaotic domestic situation, take a look at what bubbles underneath. It is something more primitive, sacred. Just trying to get their bodies clean for God. Intuitive practice. Why infuse it with fear, admonishments. Let it be the ecstatic thirst.

Put me down this hole:

"I saw Adam's bones reposing in a cavern under Mt. Calvary deep down, almost to water level, and in a straight line beneath the spot on which Jesus Christ was crucified."
Anne Emmerich, beautiful fraud, terrible Liar.

Eyes up always, disembogue.
I did it until 2 PM.

"There is no created good so lightly esteemed, so carelessly trifled away by an immense majority of human beings as the fugitive moments of this short life so rapidly flying toward eternity."

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