Friday, March 4, 2016


Looking to resemble PERMA--TWEEN.

Walking thru a garden peppered with 6 ponds, listening to Uriel's Black Harp. It is a song that sounds like slow & continuous & predetermined movement. In 2016, dated.
'MOSES' on Kailash suffuses the body with the same.

Last night I dreamt I was taking a video of hundreds of blue and purple rocks in the middle of the city, they were sweating translucent pink, hot gel. I found a boy I only sort of know in a church attic, he showed me his cycling gloves, immaculate mesh and lycra, a newly invented hue of sky blue peeking between the netting. He told me he designed this new shade ov blue in a lab. I could not stop touching them.


"(Elsewhere, he rhymes “Cezanne” with “crane”—skull)"

"Better a humble heart, a lowly life. Untouched by greatness let me live - and live. Not too little, not too much."


"The order he creates is no cool, habitual calculation; it bears evident signs of spontaneity and the bias imposed by a dominant mood, whether directed towards tranquility or drama. Some of his last works are as passionate as the romantic pictures of his youth; only they are not images of sensuality or human violence, but of nature in a chaos or solitariness responding to his mood. A great exaltation breaks through at times in his later work and there is an earlier picture with struggling nudes that tells us more—more directly than the painting of skulls and muted faces—of the burden of emotion in this shy and anguished, powerful spirit. Still more, the late works allow us to see the range of his art which transposes in magnificent images so vast a world of feeling."


"Not yet do you feel it. Wait for the future."

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