Thursday, April 21, 2016


My neck and throat are aching.

But you have to accept you don't love what I am, what I am.

Gonna lay in bed and cry like the slug I can so dutifully be and cum to muzak and feel as terrible as I so stupidly believe things are cuz I live like pacified royalty Andy I can do that and the next day
I'll do some kind of penance.
I'm hoping the next day
a little more penance
Next day
a lot more penance. And drugs somewhere in between.

I need a universal definition for Goodness /

Only a dogmatic set of tenets could help me get at it, there's no room for subjectivity when it comes to this /

No room for individual interpretation in relationship to Goodness / 2 weak for that

I hate myself when I see what I am through the lens of a perception apart from mine.

I am an incurable and nothing else behaves like me 

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