Thursday, May 19, 2016


"... I am burning and what is left behind is not ash or smoke, but tons of slimy, messy traces, oil, differentiated wetness, and muddled states of matter. If consolidation or 'economical participation and collectivity' necessarily expresses the underlying architectonic process of strata, then infinite quantitative and qualitative differentiation presents an entirely different process opposed to the strata, not in the sense of annulling it but rather manipulating the strata by diverting its organizational processes (which itself is a collectivization confined to repressive--conclusive--communication) toward Zero. Introducing 'organizing processes' to zero, however, never happens in its entirety; it is perpetuated as an infinite deferral, a prolonged intercourse with Zero. Differentiation is a misorganizing process not on the vertically developing axis of integrative wholeness but on virtual surfaces of zero. [21258] Such misorganizing processes, with an unholistic tendency towards differentiation, falsification, divergence, mess hysteria, terminal katabolism and disintegration in the direction of something other than death manifest flawlessly in 'incomplete burning'. When the substance does not burn completely, salvation or consolidation of all possible worlds is never possible. Incomplete burning blocks substance from escaping either to vapor or ash, it prevents substance from reaching salvation through the attainment of formlessness (matter). When burning is not complete, the substance starts to undergo a process of positive disintegration. Gasoline-derivative by-products of oil--mostly used in incendiary substances and fuel bombs--such as napalm never burn completely. This factor increases their duration of burning and spreading of a wide area, producing gel fireballs that last longer than liquid oil products by slowing the combustion as a result of gelling gasoline (mixing with metal soap) [14832]; it burns maliciously what it touches droplet by droplet and is not consumed. NAPALM will flow no matter how viscous you make it. As soon as it ignites, it sticks to objects, blurring them, pervading them, but never allowing them to evaporate or reduce to ashes, it keeps them in another form to burn by remixing new flammable fluid substances as it crawls on different objects (organic materials in particular); as it spread, its original form of emulsion (filamentary gels or stringy networks through gasoline) becomes stronger and consequently it becomes more dispersive. It is the only incendiary substance that thickens as it flows, NAPALM is not extinguished by water; it just flowers more smoothly, facilitated by the flow of water [12969]. Love is incomplete burning. In my scarred, fevered skin, you see a person who belongs to sickness. In your healthy flesh, I see the same [2261]."

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