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"Every mine is a line of flight that is in communication with smooth spaces--there are parallels today in the problems with oil.

"Islamic Apocalypticism has understood well that anything can be pumped into gas pipelines, and oil will slide it forward as well as permanently dissolving it--meaning that whatever reaches the crusading civilizations cannot be extracted or separated from petroleum. Oil cannot be politically distilled. The entities in oil participate in a new chemical compound which cannot be broken into its elements or main constituents. For the other side of the pipeline or the West--the point of evacuation and consumption--everything in oil remains under constant camouflage; nothing but a petroleum by-product.

The military magic of taking oil as the medium of movement rather than tactics unfolds when one claims that oil, as a neutral entity itself, is part of nature and is a planetary entity, hence omnipresent despite different degrees of concentration on earth. If Islamic war machines are dissolved within oil and oil is an omnipresent planetary entity then Islamic militarization is not local anymore but global and planetary. The rise of oil as a medium for the mobilization of warmachines heralds the decline of tactical offense and the dawn of an ubiquitous offense embedded within the seemingly peaceful omnipresence of nature.

The nervous system and the chemistry of war machines smuggled through oil infuse with the wester machines feasting on oil unnoticed, as petroleum has already dissolved or refinedly emulsified them in itself, as its chemical elements or its essential derivatives.

The Middle East stalks the world as a petroll. Is there anything more Lovecraftian than the building of a new pipeline, winding its blobbing flutes? The question is: How long can the cavernous sentience ride in this modern vehicle?

Thomas Gold's theory of Deep Hot Biosphere suggests that petroleum is not a fossil fuel, and that oil has its origin in natural gas flows which feed bacteria living in the bowels of the Earth. Therefore, the demonarchy of oil is not subjected to the laws of the dead (i.e. the preserved corpses of prehistoric organism) but rather is animated by a Plutonic vitalism (abiogenic petroleum generated by the nether biosphere of the Earth). Petroleum surfaces from primordial origins, thus, it is not of the Earth but of the Outside, planted here as a xeno-chemical Insider. Oil is produced by Plutonic forces and the nether-biosphere, rather than from the decompositions of fossils and organic body counts. Consequently, oil is far more substantial and follows a different, autonomous logic of planetary distribution. Taking Gold's theory as a petropolitical ground has a different and far more strategic impact on the aforementioned pipeline scenario. If oil is somehow undying then so also are the warmachines dissolved in it, until such time as they accomplish their tasks, one on behalf of the insider and the Earth, the other on behalf of monotheism and the Divine.

The truth of war lies beyond the battlefield. (Aramaic shibboleth inscribed on the Lamassu discovered at Khorsabad)

Parasani notes that, for the Assyrians, 'war hunts warmachines rather than warmachines hunting each other.' War is fueled by terminal fusions of strategy and tactical multiplicities; everything that emerges from war is a devastating disruption for the configurations, guiding systems and probe-functions of warmachines. According tot he occultural and military doctrine of Evil-against-Evil, war produces too much heat for warmachines to bear, to the degree that they begin gradually to melt (tactical meltdown), precipitating a molecular breakdown into diabolical particles. The Assyrians suspected that Mesopotamia was swarming with these diabolical particles--the demonically lingering remnants of warmachines. Tactically dead but strategically reanimated and introduced to the battlefield, this molecular debris left behind by melting warmachines was frequently referred to as 'the Fog of War'. 

[*There was a woman lying on her back next to the truck, a middle-aged woman with a sun-burnt skin... eyes gouged out and filled with semen; it was more exquisite than the white eyes of an epileptic. I named her Moby Dick.  (Jackson West's journal, entry date: December 4, 1993)]

The Burden of Nineveh

Lamassus watch what comes in but not what goes out. 

'Lamassu-Complex' an allusion to the belief that war has a life of its own."  

My pantyhose are warmachines.


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