Friday, September 9, 2016


“Does that convey my trauma? Shall I boringly compare myself to the biblical Egyptian spearmen tripping over themselves in the gushy mud and piles of flopping fish between the Red Sea’s reconvening halves?”


How D. Cooper allays--

"I thought about each element of the novel, whether it was a narrative thread or character or reference point or an ongoing motif or tone or rhythm. The idea was that they would all always be there, but they would be emphasized or de-emphasized at different points, mixed into the foreground, middle ground, or background, being moved around constantly so the reader’s attention would be directed all over the place. My idea was that it would give the writing a three-dimensional quality, as the reader is carried along by the musical surface of the novel, but he or she would also be chasing different story lines and recurring ideas as they waver and scamper about and hide inside the prose.

If you’re interested in writing in chunks or paragraphs, and if you want your work to be published in a way that as many people as possible will have the opportunity to find it, you write novels. I’m not interested in the stuff of conventional novels. I’m dedicated to writing about pretty specific things, in the hope of coming to a point where I feel no desire to address them anymore." 

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