Thursday, November 3, 2016


has unconditional love for me & my body except for God.
There is not a single thing we can do that will upset God. God will always cradle you.

Tears are rolling down my face. They hung in my eyes for awhile so fell fast like a stream, now. So heavy they could have missed the face.

If I make a mistake and lose what I thought or wanted to be my family,
If I am unkind and I lose my family,
When someone revokes their love & kindness for me in a matter of seconds,
If someone shames me,
When someone treats my body as expendable and imperfect,
They are still God but
they are not family.

God will be my family. God is always your family.

You never have to be alone as long as you are alive because God is holding you upright, God is allowing you to blink, God is like an illimitable powder covering and inside of it all, God is automating your liver & cleaning your blood right now, God is making all the sound, napkin in your lap is a few folds of God, God is issuing other parts of God to make plastic, which is God-- and its formation is ecstatic Godly reproduction,

If you cannot seem to connect your brain to feeling the weight of that ever-pervasive spirit, I wish I could try to help illuminate it for you,

In this relativistic way, any issue can very easily be consumed by it.

He said to me, "You have family right here." A nice idea I would latch onto. But it is not true. I tell myself today to not worry about that. It does not have to be sad. It is an aspect of the pattern of humanity--a construction of God, one of God's codes.

I want to be held in the bookshop and dance slow in the rain and to feel cared for by another human like family. I want the hurting feeling to stop manifesting as paralytic. That is a fleeting want. I can simplify.


God will hold me in this rain. God always is, always was. A void that fills. You make a choice. You can feel what is there. If you want. God does not mind. Either way.

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