Thursday, November 17, 2016


A chain wrapping leopard fur,
I'm unconcerned about it touching something alive or dead so long as it is,
COMBINED: a chain, a leopard's fur, submerged in water.
So long as it is looking,
mottled under clear liquid in a desert light,
that doesn't fit with the idea of any kind of lake.

Lavender panties kicked around the ankles soiled by a cunt emitting the sickness of the rest of a body, towel's wet n next to me, spoon with the remnants of a mouth pulling along it, face lightly adhering to a kitchen floor [my body provided a natural glue]--picking it up is painful but satisfying my roommate must just think I am a pathetic drunk.

You can feel someone's hatred for you, growing, at a distance.

Last night my filthy bed was damp with lonesome HEAT.

Recalling abrupt redirects on the internet. Sometimes evangelical, those were most jarring.

Oh man, it is too bad, the Israeli flag is very beautiful.

Low grade prodromal phase gains,
If I could get it done

I look at her dog and I imagine 9 of them jumping up for my throat,
Their bounding looks a little joyous,
if you froze the frame before they reached the neck, it could be harmless,
if it was pixelated, a little more sinister, telling.

Does everyone else think about a slobbering penetration when they fill their gas tank (?)
A nozzle animates on a page, messy charcoal, drips, reaches hungry, panting, greedy and frenzied for an inky cunt.
[More Lozano]

Sometimes in dreams big sexy mouths catch my whole body, I end up in baby blue lakes, under a fluorescent.

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Anonymous said...

It's me, Bernard, your anosmic saint. Be safe Love.