Saturday, January 7, 2017


All text in quotes by Youtube user 'FIREFLYUNIX'

"lots of water flooding towns places before it occurs again it is a dream then it happens, now I can warn people sooner than this 2016 ZU-"

Been like this for weeks.

Hound's long snout was sitting in my palm, fingers wrapped over the top, pinching it, timed a dissolving pill. Her spit's seeping out in long drags down my forearm to the elbow, cool strings of drool glint for half a sec. Bucking against her doses of Tramadol / Metacam / Rovera. She can't connect any effect. Arm is stiff holding that jaw closed, weak and brown teeth can't get me. Foaming white of the medicine clumping out sides of chops please just swallow. I feel strong in my help--restrain, coo, pet, assure as a girdle. And all guilt. Too.

"I do leave the house more than stars to make sure people are serene and happy etc. my art protects people in thier home from criminals"

I see San Elias w/ one foot on a chest as I pull my panties up.

"left paints at the Harbor Church so kids can draw too"

"you did it , help lots of people thx alot for letting me write things yes I will be careful what I write, you helped me as the president aware of me yes you are the prettiest song I could think of for you Barack and family who you know, etc 2016 ZU-no it isnt your fault I am isolated as well, etc respect you alot with the royals . 2016 ZU"

Bought wheels.

 Graphic animations of silicon ingots, formed into perfect cylinders. Cylinders cut by saws made of diamond, into thin discs. Discs coated in a layer of UV light. Dust to CPU.

Put that child in a forest green uniform.

No catching the breath not in these white socks.

"love for models in NYC in VSD models and hollywood etc LW 2016"

You know how gross it would be if I tried to involve you in a narrative in any kind of classical way? Truth might be I am too dumb to do it. But reduction just feels that much more dense. That "it girl" of the net chants "Santa Barbara" and I wonder if she is more or less fearful than me.

I say this is one bad day to a small hole God drilled into center. The body will work tomorrow.


"is this song about the quran"

"big clock gift to Emily at the pub in NC 2016"

"I have had no plastic surgery ever. my home is my tomb scared things all Queen's cant obtain ever with my look . I am Alexander the Great nearest relative with William 1 of Normandy both leaders , conquers Cleopatra is my grandmom."

"I realized it isn't good 2go alone nice ladies. with you nice ladies..."

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