Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Here, I feel it coming on.

Don't eat while your ears are filled with something. Like headphones.

Want to slap you in half like a laptop looping that 60 second clip of penetration, after I cum.

Wish you could slap a girl in half like a laptop. And they'd be rendered silent, inert, lifeless but not dead.

View from a vehicle. I spent most of the day. Turned off.

"Like a tassel on a hammer"

They get out of a cadillac handicap thing on the dash but not hanging from mirror. Little boy too. She's pregnant in a bright red shirt. Pink sweater tied around shoulders. Face tattoos of stars from brow to lower jaw. Custard hair. Neon nails. She opens her mouth she has poorly formed bright gold fronts popped onto teeth. There's a feeling of affluence, like haloes, around them. 


Millineries said...

Get these terrible rich white girls and their whimsical "ethnic" prints away from me.

Millineries said...
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Millineries said...

When you can hear but can't see a bug in your room--the sound of their wings gives away their size and weight. It can make the listening a lot worse.

Millineries said...

I was the author.