Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Although I received this personally I believe this is deeply loving & relevant advice for anyone struggling with Life:

"I think my foremost belief about God is that we shouldn't try to speak on his behalf--He speaks volumes enough as it is in the world around us. The being of things, and their dynamic interplay (their becoming) -- signs of life and signs of God, one and the same. You aren't unnatural, or worthy of punishment--you've had to fight to keep your place in the world of the living, and have yet to realize the extent of your love for Him.

You sense that God is present in your life right now in a big way. I, for one, would argue that God intervened on your behalf. I don't think His love is compatible with human morality. Neither good nor bad--"mysterious" is as close as we've come to describing his ways.

What certainly is clear is that you have a great deal of love for Him and an unhindered compassion for others, especially the misfortunate, the disabled, the vulnerable.

You've a rare inherent gnostic naturalism to your spiritual self."

And big, hot, grateful tears came.

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